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We bring your vision to life with stunning web design that helps your business stand out.


Professional WordPress and Custom Web Design Solutions

Our strategic user-centric web design approach ensures all websites we build are easy to use, bold and unique.

Comparing Our Web Design Solutions:

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WordPress Web Design

Flexible User-Friendly CMS Plaform

CMS Platform makes it ideal for clients who intend to edit and add new content

Developer-friendly platform that offers a wide range of plugins/themes

Faster turnaround time than custom built websites

Easily allows for complex features such as ecommerce functionality and user account management systems

Budget friendly option — cost effective web design solution

Most popular option for our clients — offers the perfect balance between functionality, flexibility and pricing


Custom Web Design

100% Custom Template-Free

Built template-free & custom coded from scratch to project specifications

Complete creative freedom to design and create anything imaginable​

Ideal for unorthodox or uncommon layouts and unique design ideas

Maintenance plans available to update and manage custom website

Higher cost and longer project timeline — contact us for more information

Preferred option for clients looking to create something truly unique and one of a kind for their brand


User-centric design approach

At the heart of all Crushing Cones web design projects is our flexible and effective web design strategy that ensures: incredible attention to detail, high-quality design output and a strategic solution that aligns with your business objectives.







Our Comprehensive Web Design And Development Process

Identify Project Scope

First, tell us what you’re looking for. We want to know everything about your project and what you’re striving to achieve!

Tell us the purpose of your website and what you’re looking to accomplish.

Identify key website features & functionalities.

Working together we determine the ideal platform and hosting solutions to build your website.

With the project scope established, we are ready to kick off the next web development stages!

Set The Foundation

Next, we prepare all the critical pieces in preparation for a smooth design and development process.

Our team conducts market research based on the objectives of the project.

The content (referred to as ‘copy’) writing begins.

With all the content and research prepared, our design team will draft up a preliminary wireframe.

Next is the fun part, we work together to ensure the website looks and feels perfect!

The Design & Development Phase

Finally, with all the prep work completed, we dive into the design and development phase!

Depending on the chosen platform, development may occur simultaneously with the design process.

Design iteration & iteration until we are happy and ready!

Next comes testing - where we ensure your website is smooth and responsive across all screens and devices.

Finally, we launch the website - alongside any additional marketing, SEO, and maintenance packages!


Learn more about how we think and our approach

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