6 Must Ask Questions For Your Web Designer

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6 Crucial Questions To Ask Your Web Designer To Get The Most Out Of Your Website.

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By the end of this post, you will know exactly what to ask your web designer and/or developer in order to avoid any surprises later on and get the most out of your online presence.


1. Can I See Your Prior Work?

Familiarizing with the designer’s previous work will give you an idea on what to expect for your website. You’re looking to see if their most recent work follows today’s design trends and is quick to load. You can also go a step further and ask for client references or reviews to ensure they can be trusted.


2. Can You Go Through The Design Process?

To avoid future surprises or complications, it’s important to ask your designer to go through the entire process with you from start to finish. This should help you understand how long the entire process will take and the information that both parties need to exchange. This is also a good time to ask your designer about their payment terms. Although they can sometimes vary based on the project, a 50% deposit is typically requested when signing the contract.


3. Are Your Websites Custom Designed or Built Using a Template?

Many designers will offer multiple options on how they will build your website. The more affordable option will involve using a premade template or theme that is quick to setup, but offers less customization. A custom design means building the site from scratch and offering a unique look, often demanding a higher price. It’s important to communicate which option satisfies your your needs and compare the pricing between both sides.


4. What Information Do I Provide?

Web designers will usually specify what they require from their clients to build the website. If not, it’s important to ask this question as early as possible to avoid any delays. Your designer will typically start off by asking for your goals, target market and website content (text & images). Providing this information in a timely manner will allow your designer to build the website as per your vision.


5. Is My Website Fully Responsive?

It’s 2019. Is this question even necessary? We didn’t think it was, but after still seeing a lack of responsive websites, we were forced to add this question to the list. With a wide range of devices and screen widths out there, your website should be optimized for all resolutions. If your designer tries to convince you otherwise, it’s best to look elsewhere.


6. Who Will Manage The Website After It’s Live?

It’s important to establish at the start whether you or your designer will make future changes to the site, since additional features may need to be added to the site. Your designer may also provide you with maintenance that include web hosting and any future changes you require. Alternatively, you can also make changes yourself and ask for instructions on how to do so.

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