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PitchUpp Inc. is an online HR recruitment tool using video pitches. We were tasked with designing, building and maintaining this expanding platform.



UI/UX Design

Web Development

Brand Identity

IT Infrastructure Maintenance

Our objective: design and develop an innovative platform for potential candidates to build their perfect profiles, record their pitch videos and apply to jobs. As well as a streamlined platform that can be effortlessly integrated into an employer’s existing hiring toolbox.

responsive mobile responsive tablet
responsive mobile responsive tablet
responsive desktop

Meticulously built for all platforms and displays


Working closely with the founders we built every part of PitchUpp from the ground up (candidate and employer dashboards, onboarding steps, navigation, front-facing pages and more).

Today, PitchUpp is the market leader in a new online domain: between job boards, recruitment agencies and early-stage social media platforms. Learning from strategies developed by modern recruiment platforms we’ve successfully built a more robust and intuitive user experience in hiring.

profile profile profile
social media post
social media post

We were responsible for the entire visual language of the brand. This includes the social media, graphics and other branded deliverables.

Using vibrant blues, modern UI trends and playful graphics PitchUpp stands out from the stale imagery often attached to recruiment. As a result, most employers found the hiring process less monotonous using this fresh visual language.

company profile
mobile 1 mobile 2 mobile 3

The entire PitchUpp dashboard can be easily accessed on mobile and tablet devices. Users can create their accounts, view job posts, apply to jobs and await feedback all on the go. Similarily, employers can scan through hundreds of applicants with just their thumb.

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