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Direct MIC

Lendease Direct MIC is an established mortgage investment corporation with offices headquartered in Markham and Ajax, Ontario.



Web Design

Web Development


Our objective: create a simple and accessible website for LendEase Direct as they aim to scale their business in early 2019. We were tasked to create an interface where new clients can easily learn about the company, their services and reach out — without overwhelming mountains of text.

responsive mobile responsive tablet
responsive mobile responsive tablet
responsive desktop

Meticulously built for all platforms and displays


To balance out the amount of text we opted for a simplistic colour palette, gradient-toned photography and liberal use of space. We developed each page following best design practices and built a fixed navigation panel so clients can easily navigate through the different pages and always have access to the panel.

Working with the stakeholders at LendEase, we wanted this website to represent the company’s next step into the financial world. This website is their best suit, custom tailored and built for them to stand out, they’re ready to take on the world.

layout layout layout business card


dotBrooks Training

Personal Trainer

Brooks Training is the personal training services of Kevin Brooks, a personal trainer based in the York Region with a focus on developing healthy active lifestyles.