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dotBrooks Training

Personal Trainer

Brooks Training is the personal training services of Kevin Brooks, a personal trainer based in the York Region with a focus on developing healthy active lifestyles.



Web Design

Web Development


Our objective: create a comprehensive brand identity that exhibits the core principles of: strength, stability and the healthy mind. Using that, we were tasked to build an single page website with interactive web elements for the launch of Kevin's online presence.

responsive mobile responsive tablet
responsive mobile responsive tablet
responsive desktop

Meticulously built for all platforms and displays


Working closely with Kevin we designed a distinctive dark purple theme, with heavy font weights and strong angular shapes. With this theme and logo we designed a one-page scrolling website with CSS animations that reflect the motions of a work out.

mobile 1 mobile 2 mobile 3
social media post photo



PitchUpp Inc. is an online HR recruitment tool using video pitches. We were tasked with designing, building and maintaining this expanding platform.