What is Web Design and Development?

As our first blog post, we want to briefly go over the meaning and differences between Web Design and Development.

Web Design vs Development

Web Design

Before explaining web design, we need to first understand the meaning of design. To quote Merriam-Webster, design is "a preliminary sketch or outline showing the main features of something to be executed". To expand further, a design is typically the end result of an idea or story converted into something visual. Similarly, web design refers to the visual aspect of websites.

Along with visual appeal, user experience is another important aspect often considered. Design teams use UI/UX as part of their strategy to catch the user's attention and provide meaningful experiences.

Web Development

Web development is the process of taking web designs and bringing it live to a website. This is typically done using three core technologies of the web which are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These three languages are used to develop the front-end of all websites. There are also frameworks that provide additional functionality to sites and to build web apps.

Apart from bringing designs to life, some web developers control aspects of the site that are not visible to the user. This is known as back-end development and can be considered as the logic behind the website or application.

Both web design and development play an equal role in building websites and we will further expand on each role in future posts.

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